Student Voice-Transformative or Symbolic?

There is a fierce debate on how students should exercise their voice.

Francis is the student body president. She has a 4.3 GPA. She is enrolled in honors and AP classes and has gained early admission to Stanford University. She is a regular contributor to the school newspaper and a member of the varsity tennis team. She has also won two state championships in speech and debate.… Read More ›

State Policy Framework for Personalized Learning

This framework will help states and stakeholders define and navigate their pathway from the exploratory phase of system design, where a limited number of districts engage in personalized learning practices, to statewide transformation. The State Policy Framework for Personalized Learning includes: Four strategies for systems design Four core commitments states should be mindful of for quality… Read More ›

When Personalized Learning Also Boosts Special Education Students

This article looks at Brooklyn Laboratory Charter School which is successfully serving a large number of students with learning disabilities, in part because of its commitment to personalizing learning. Students progress at their own rate, not in grade-by-grade lockstep. Teachers are trained to give all students targeted, individualized support with the help of an integrated student information… Read More ›

Could Giving Parents Homework Help Students?

This article describes a pilot program to include families in student’s learning conducted by the nonprofit, PowerMyLearning, at South Bronx Preparatory. Once every one to two weeks teachers assign family playlists, homework that includes two project-based activities, one for the student and another in which the student teaches the concept to a family member. This… Read More ›

Eastern Carver County School District Learner-Centered Resources

The resources below illustrate the work being done in Eastern Carver County School District, Minnesota to promote learner-centered education: This transcript of an interview with Brenda Vogds, (former)Leader of Personalized Learning and Innovation for the secondary schools in the district, explores how the district worked to bring educators into the process and nurture the development… Read More ›

Four Feet on the Ground: The Youth-Adult Partnership “Teeter-totter Effect”

The personalization of learning requires the relationship of students and teachers to shift to partnership and shared responsibility. Educational change in Vermont has also opened the door to unprecedented opportunities for young people to be central to change, rather than passive recipients. However, there are few roadmaps for shifting our mental models and practices to… Read More ›

Student-Centered Learning Self-Reflection Tool

The Student-Centered Learning Self-Reflection Tool was created by Mary Bellavance, Instructional Coach at Biddeford Middle School and Students at the Center Distinguished Fellow alum, during the 2017-18 academic year to support teachers, coaches, and school leaders as they implement student-centered learning (SCL) practices in their learning environments. This tool is organized around the four research-based… Read More ›

Personalized Learning Plans How-to Guide

This free guide from Edmentum, a provider of curriculum and instructional management and assessment tools, demystifies personalized learning plans (PLPs). The guide outlines 10 actionable steps to define essential components of a personalized learning plan. This infographic provides a simple snapshot of the 10 steps. The guide also includes guiding questions and examples of effective… Read More ›

Learn Next: A Toolbox for Educators to Transform Practice

Every student deserves access to powerful learning experiences — experiences that help them develop agency, grow their skills and expand their curiosities. Many schools are shifting their practices to be more student-centered in hopes of ultimately developing these qualities in students. We know in transformative environments that the learning and facilitation looks very different. This type of… Read More ›