One School’s Commitment to Equity Using Student-Centered Learning

overcoming barriers

We know that within the past year lower-income families have been relegated to remote learning with inconsistent or nonexistent internet service, improper removal from special education services, lack of suitable WIFI-enabled devices, insufficient or nonexistent childcare, food insecurity and innumerable other challenges. Comparatively, wealthier families have in-person classes, higher diversion rates to private schools, availability… Read More ›

10 Drivers of Engagement You Can Use Right Now

Whether learning occurs in brick-and-mortar schools or in virtual environments, student engagement drives an impressive array of student outcomes. Eric Toshalis, Senior Director of Impact at KnowledgeWorks, uses research to present and explain ways educators can drive student engagement in their classrooms regardless of whether they are teaching virtually or in-person. Below is a list of resources… Read More ›

Glossary of Education Terms

Get definitions and explanations of commons terms and phrases used when talking about personalized, learner-centered environments.

Common terms and phrases used when talking about personalized, learner-centered environments A – E | F – J | K – O | Q – T | U- Z Agency The initiative and capacity to act in a way that produces meaningful change in oneself or the environment. (Closely related terms: ownership, student-ownership) Sources: “Anytime,… Read More ›

What We Know about Successful Instruction in a Digital Environment

Earlier this week, I read this post on Facebook, and it got me thinking… Attention Parents: As we move closer to embarking on what is being called “remote teaching,” I am asking my Facebook friends to refrain from publicly scrutinizing their children’s teachers for the way they are teaching or the lessons they are assigning.… Read More ›

How to Measure Progress Towards Personalizing Learning

Districts across the country are transforming educational experiences for young people by implementing personalized, student-centered approaches in their schools. While this is an exciting and welcomed development in education, districts need to know to what extent their implementation efforts are succeeding. And we can’t measure success – or outcomes – unless we can document progress,… Read More ›

Exploring the Impact of Personalized Learning on Student Outcomes

  We believe in the power of personalized, competency-based learning because we want each and every student to learn and be challenged as individuals. We believe it is the path toward equitable outcomes for ALL students. We intuitively understand that having clear learning targets, meaningful and flexible assessments, personalized student supports, and student ownership of their own… Read More ›

Asking Big Questions

Driving home from grocery shopping the other day, my seven-year-old released a long, dramatic sigh and proceeded to tell me that, “Sometimes my head is just so tired by the end of the day because it’s spent all day thinking and asking questions. Like…What is a dream when you dream it? Can you stand flat in space?… Read More ›

Student Voice-Transformative or Symbolic?

There is a fierce debate on how students should exercise their voice.

Francis is the student body president. She has a 4.3 GPA. She is enrolled in honors and AP classes and has gained early admission to Stanford University. She is a regular contributor to the school newspaper and a member of the varsity tennis team. She has also won two state championships in speech and debate.… Read More ›

State Policy Framework for Personalized Learning

This framework will help states and stakeholders define and navigate their pathway from the exploratory phase of system design, where a limited number of districts engage in personalized learning practices, to statewide transformation. The State Policy Framework for Personalized Learning includes: Four strategies for systems design Four core commitments states should be mindful of for quality… Read More ›

When Personalized Learning Also Boosts Special Education Students

This article looks at Brooklyn Laboratory Charter School which is successfully serving a large number of students with learning disabilities, in part because of its commitment to personalizing learning. Students progress at their own rate, not in grade-by-grade lockstep. Teachers are trained to give all students targeted, individualized support with the help of an integrated student information… Read More ›