Why There’s A Push To Get Police Out Of Schools


This article and accompanying podcast from MindShift explores the rationale for decreasing police in schools. This has long been a goal of the black lives matter. This article explains the call for decreasing police presence in schools. It suggests several student-centered alternatives to increase student safety including restorative justice programs, positive behavioral interventions and supports… Read More ›

Harvard EdCast: School Leadership During Crisis

This interview with Professor Deborah Jewell-Sherman from the Harvard Graduate School of Education focuses on leading through the Coronavirus crisis. She explores the concerns that may be on the minds of school and district leaders and offers advice on how to stay grounded and plan for the future. Both school and district leaders will find this… Read More ›

NHLI Voices from the Field with Jonathan Vander Els

The New Hampshire Learning Initiative Voices From The Field Podcast with Jonathan Vander Els captures stories from students, teachers, principals, superintendents and national level influencers. In this series, they share their stories of vulnerability, connection, and the ways in which they have tried to provide guidance and support for their learners during the pandemic. We… Read More ›

From Disruption Comes Change: Nurturing Sociopolitical Action with Youth

Hosted by Dr. Alfredo Palacios from the College of Education at Auburn University, the Theory of Change podcast is for counselors and counselor educators who are looking for inspiration and resources pertaining to the profession of counseling.   In this episode of the podcast, Dr. Carlos Hipolito-Delgado, an associate professor of counseling at the University of Colorado Denver, and a Student-Centered Learning Research Collaborative grantee, discusses his research on sociopolitical… Read More ›

Shift Your Paradigm

In partnership with Education Reimagined, TLTalkRadio hosts Randy Ziegenfuss and Lynn Fuini-Hetten host this podcast focused on learner-centered learning and leadership. Episodes address the dynamic question: Does leadership look different in the learner-centered paradigm compared to the school-centered paradigm? The hosts interview pioneers from across the nation. In the featured kick-off episode, they lay the… Read More ›

How to Move From Digital Substitution to ‘Deeper Learning

This EdSurge On Air podcast features a discussion with Scott McLeod, Associate Professor of Education Leadership at the University of Colorado in Denver and author of Harnessing Technology for Deeper Learning. He discusses how teachers can ensure they are using technology to support deeper learning and move to more student-centered teaching practices. He focuses on… Read More ›

How Teachers Designed a School Centered On Caring Relationships

This issue of the MindShift podcast and accompanying article features Social Justice Humanitas Academy, a district pilot school in Los Angeles, designed and run by teachers. Teachers identified the practices they knew helped students succeed. Supports include an advisory program, grade-level teaching teams, office hours, a high student-counselor ratio, and a fully integrated model for English… Read More ›

Equity by Design in Learning Technologies

This report looks at equity in access to and application of new technologies that support learning. The report is a synthesis of in-depth conversations at a convening of leading researchers, educators, and technologists. It outlines the challenges and explores how learning technologies can provide the greatest benefits for the most vulnerable learners. This podcast provides… Read More ›


In this podcast, eight student interns report stories from inside New York City’s segregated high school system. From the extreme lack of diversity in specialized high schools to racial disparities in sports access, the team is looking into the policies that maintain a dual system. This episode, the introduction to Season 2 features two students… Read More ›

Cult of Pedagogy

This website, created by an ELA teacher and pre-service professor, is dedicated to creating a community of teachers to support each others efforts to improve practice. It features a blog, podcast, videos, and online pd. The blog, which is the main focus of the site, can be searched by topic area or explored through three sections:… Read More ›

Satellite Podcast

Sat·el·lite /sadlˌīt/ noun An artificial body placed in orbit around the earth or moon or another planet in order to collect information or for communication. ASTRONOMY. A celestial body orbiting the earth or another planet. Orbiting from on-site locations, Satellite examines innovative educational perspectives. Dr. Frank LaBanca, principal of Westside Middle School Academy and Students at… Read More ›

Learner-Centered Educator and Leadership Competencies – Interview with Rebecca Wolfe

In this podcast, Rebecca Wolfe, one of the co-authors of the Educator and Leadership Competencies, talks about her work on educator and leadership competencies for learner-centered, personalized education. This podcast is helpful to learn how to distinguish learner-centered from the dominant school-centered paradigm. In addition, the participants discuss why is it important for educators to specifically and… Read More ›