The Workshop Model with Learning Community Charter School Middle School

This podcast episode features a conversation with LCCS middle school teachers Erin O’Neil, Domenique Rossi, Cathy Huang and Director Josh Johnson discussing how to implement the workshop model in literacy, math and science classrooms to achieve deeper, personalized, authentic and student-owned learning. In the Student-Centered Learning Podcast, Arthur Eduardo Baraf – SCL Research Collaborative Distinguished Fellow- shares… Read More ›

Francis Pina Interview

This podcast features an interview with Francis Pina, a Boston native and math teacher at Charlestown High school. He shares his experiences in the Boston Public Schools (BPS) and his journey to become a teacher. He discusses how he implements a creative, engaging, and student-centered math curriculum for a diverse student population. He also looks… Read More ›

A Year Of Love And Struggle In A New High School

Too many young, black men struggle in America’s education system. Washington D.C. is trying to do something about it with a new, boys-only high school. NPR’s Cory Turner and Education Week’s Kavitha Cardoza spent hundreds of hours there, reporting on the birth of a school built on one word: Love. Code Switch, an NPR podcast,… Read More ›

Student Voice: The Week in Review

In this podcast, students discuss important topics and current events that impact them and their education. The podcast is created and hosted by college students from Student Voice, a non-profit organization dedicated to strengthening the student movement by empowering students to take action on issues that impact their education. This inaugural episode features DACA, Hurricane Harvey,… Read More ›

Personalized Learning with Matt and Courtney

This podcast is hosted by Courtney, a K-12 instructional coach in Maine, and Matt, a district administrator and former math teacher. They explore the dos and don’ts of learner-centered proficiency-based education in personable, plain, jargon-free language and offer practical advice from practitioners to practitioners. In the first episode, they lay out some basics for the… Read More ›

What We Talk About When We Talk About Student Voice

UP for Learning podcast features Vermont students discussing the importance of personalized learning and partnering with adults in school redesign. The podcast explains the 2013 legislation Act 77 in Vermont which was passed to create “flexible pathways” toward graduation to promote student ownership and engagement. Students discuss the impressive projects and courses they can now… Read More ›

Dealing with a ‘Culture of Fear’—Administrators on PD in the Age of Blended Learning

EdSurge-On-Air staff spoke with school leaders at the EdSurge Tech for Schools Summit about the best approach to teacher PD for education technology. In particular, they offer tips on building a culture that supports ongoing PD that encourages collaboration, hands on practice, and observation of others classrooms. Source Organization: EdSurge Read the Transcript

Can Administrators Lead Innovation Without Blended Learning Experience?

This podcast, part of the Edsurge on Air series, is an interview with Stepan Mekhitarian, the Blended Learning Coordinator for the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). Mekhitarian has been a math teacher and administrator and researched effective blended learning as part of a doctoral study. He is currently collaborating with administrators, schools, and teachers to expand efforts for… Read More ›

EdSurge on Air

These podcasts by EdSurge are curated on topics related to education technology. The podcast episodes feature news updates, interviews, and debates on a variety of topics, globally and nationally. Edsurge provides transcripts, as well as great background information on the topic. Past episodes feature topics such as suggestions for superintendents selecting edtech products, relevant data… Read More ›

XQ Expert Series: Technology and Learning for an Interconnected World

This video podcast series, created by XQ America, a national movement to rethink high school, and hosted by Michelle Cahill, a distinguished fellow in education and youth development for the National Center for Civic Innovation, gives an opportunity to listen in on conversations with leaders in education as they discuss a wide variety of education related… Read More ›

The Student-Centered Learning Podcast

Created by Students at the Center Distinguished Fellow Arthur Eduardo Baraf, this podcast explores the many facets of student-centered learning. In this featured episode, Baraf interviews Courtney Jacobs, a veteran teacher and coach who works with schools through the Great Schools Partnership in New England. They discuss the “what” and “why” of competency-based learning, and the “how” of… Read More ›

Getting Smart Podcast | The Future of Blended Learning

This podcast looks at the future of blended learning, from the current issue of its multiple definitions to schools leading in next-generation models. There is also an episode on the importance of blended and personalized learning for educators and to the growing importance of having a guiding vision for implementation. Source Organization: Getting Smart Visit… Read More ›