How Baltimore CPS Used Communications Strategies to Create Personalized Learning Buy-In

This article explores how Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS), prioritized and designed a communications strategy to bring together students, teachers, and families around personalized learning. By working to build authentic relationships, their communications strategy went beyond just sharing updates with families and teachers. In addition, BCPS used stories of both triumphs and failures to make communication about… Read More ›

Maine: Making the Most of High-Leverage Strategies

This article provides an overview of the progress the state of Maine has made towards competency education. It outlines the steps taken to build school capacity and public and policy support for student-centered education. These steps resulted in the 2012 passage of Act LD1422, which requires districts to begin awarding proficiency-based diplomas. It reviews the implementation timeline… Read More ›

Can Blended Learning Improve Equity in One of Nation’s Most Diverse Districts?

This article details the shift of New Jersey’s Morris School District (MSD) to a blended-learning model in an effort to meet diverse student needs. MSD hopes to increase gains for student populations, such as English Language Learners (ELLs) and low-income students, which continue to see slower growth despite overall district improvement.  So far, the district has found results at… Read More ›

Bronx Arena High School Multimedia Monograph

This multimedia monograph features Bronx Arena High School, an innovative, competency-based school serving historically marginalized youth in New York City. The school’s mission is to empower over-age under-credited students to graduate ready for college or a career. The multimedia monograph is an interactive case study that features video interviews with students and staff.  It brings… Read More ›

Case Stories From One Middle School’s Efforts for Partnership

This article is written by Students at the Center Distinguished Fellow Dr. Frank LaBanca, principal of Westside Middle School Academy Magnet, as part of volume 10 of the educational journal LEARNing Landscapes. The article highlights his successes and challenges as principal of a start-up urban magnet middle school committed to a student-centered inquiry-based learning environment that values extended… Read More ›

Connecting Ed and Tech: Partnering to Drive Student Outcomes

This case study describes the solution one charter school found to help scale up their personalized learning model through a unique partnership. Leadership Public Schools (LPS), a charter school management organization that operates high schools in the San Francisco Bay Area, has developed their own technology to support personalized learning which provided students with individual… Read More ›

School Counselors Embrace Social Emotional Learning

This article asserts that social emotional learning can provide a unifying vision, structure, processes, and assessment tools to assist school counselors in becoming effective change agents in their schools. The article describes a case study in which counselors helped teachers complete a social emotional intelligence survey, reviewing their own social emotional competencies and comparing them… Read More ›

When Celebrating Learning Differences is at the Heart of School Culture

This article explores how Individualized Education Programs (IEPS), typically created for special education students, can be a used as a model for all students and make personalization on a large scale easier and more accessible to all students. When special education teachers create IEPs for students with learning differences, a variety of professionals come together with… Read More ›

New York City’s School of the Future from Edutopia’s Schools That Work Series

This group of tools documents the assessment work at School for the Future, a 6-12 grade school in Manhattan. The school has shown success by using authentic assessments to gauge students’ understanding of fundamental concepts and development of critical thinking skills. The assessment guide foster teaching and learning in positive ways. Formative assessment helps teachers… Read More ›

Revere High School Success Story: Flipped Learning Transforms School Into a Student-centered Environment

This case study tells the story of Revere High School’s ambitious multi-year reform plan, resulting in a school-wide flipped learning approach. Early results showed increased student engagement, homework completion, and attendance rates. Prior to 2011, Revere, a diverse urban high school in Massachusetts, was struggling to meet Department of Elementary and Secondary Education performance standards.… Read More ›