Pittsfield Tries New Approach On Education

This radio clip from New Hampshire Public Radio features Pittsfield schools. The small district of Pittsfield adopted an approach that flips the traditional model of teaching through student-led discussion and independent projects. To learn more about Pittsfield schools, this short case study in Pioneer magazine provides a look at the school. Also check out the… Read More ›

Restorative Justice: Resources for Schools

This resource page focuses on restorative justice practices. This student-centered approach to discipline moves away from punitive zero tolerance discipline policies and gives students more agency and responsibility for their actions. Restorative justice can contribute to a positive school climate and build students’ social and emotional skills. This resource page provides a clear definition, case… Read More ›

High Tech High Network Profile

At High Tech High schools in San Diego, students are evaluated on mastery of content-not time spent in class. Students engage in multi-disciplinary and field-based learning opportunities to build skills like critical thinking, problem solving and communication. Each teacher works to develop a personalized school culture, which is supported externally by a network of community… Read More ›

Waukesha STEM Academy Series

This four-part series featuring Waukesha STEM Academy (WSA) is part of a series on personalized, proficiency-based education in Wisconsin. This blog post gives an introduction to what’s happening state-wide. WSA is a competency-based school with personalized learning for all 300 students it serves. It spans grades 6-8, but students move at their own pace and… Read More ›

Golden Ticket

This dynamic case study combines narrative, video, data visuals, and photos to tell the story of a vital component of school reform efforts in the Lawrence, MA  Public Schools. The case study provides details on the creation and implementation of Acceleration Academies, week-long opportunities for personalized learning in small class settings  held over February and… Read More ›

Meriden Public Schools

This is the official website of the Meriden, Connecticut, public schools and the City of Meriden Board of Education. Parents, family members, students, staff, and the public can use this site as an informative online resource for information on all schools, specific departments of the BOE, and other valuable resources. Several schools within this district… Read More ›

Atlanta Educators Reflect on Lessons From Personalized Learning Initiative

This article shares the experiences of educators implementing personalized learning in Fulton County School District in Georgia. It explores the teacher’s five-year journey to find the approach to personalization that worked for them and their students. Key lessons learned include: The importance of support for teachers throughout implementation The need to have a common language around… Read More ›

Student-Focused Learning in Springdale, Arkansas

This four-part blog series from CompetencyWorks, explores the exemplary student-centered work in the Springdale School District, in Arkansas. The articles explore innovations happening in the district, and many lessons, challenges, and learnings that might inspire other district and school leaders and educators. The final blog of the series provides a student perspective. Using student’s own words,… Read More ›

Competency-Based Education (CBE) Toolkit

This Competency-Based Education (CBE) Toolkit was born out of the work of Digital Promise’s League of Innovative Schools and features lessons learned by ten districts from across the country. Lessons are mapped to an implementation framework and include the following topics: Stakeholder engagement Curriculum and instruction Standards and assessment, Infrastructure Staffing and scheduling District leaders,… Read More ›

Personalized Learning in New York

This report looks at early results from Education Element’s work in NY state, since 2013, to design, implement, and support personalized learning.  Education Elements provides consultation services, technical assistance, and tools to help districts implement personalized learning. At the time of this report, 16 districts and two Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) across NY have… Read More ›