Brown v. Board of Education Resources for Educators and Learners

Topeka, Kansas / United States of America - November 2nd 2019 : Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site. Exterior of building, eastern facade with main entrance.

In 1954, as a direct response to Plessy v. Ferguson, Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka combined multiple cases into one. The Supreme Court ruled, “Separate educational facilities are inherently unequal,” thus ending segregation in schools. The first Black children to attend schools were met with extreme hostility. Georgia Public Broadcasting set up an… Read More ›

Japanese American Relocation Camp Resources for Educators

Japanese Internment Camp

When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor, the U.S. began making an enemy of its own people—people who looked like those who bombed them. Japanese Americans were consequently rounded up and relocated into camps in remote places, taking only what they could carry. Eleanor Roosevelt continually tried to appeal to her husband Franklin D. Roosevelt to… Read More ›

Black Student Voices: Reflecting on Race and Racism in Schools

This Education Week series provides an opportunity for educators to hear from students directly regarding race and racism.

As thousands of students joined demonstrations across the country against police abuse, Education Week spoke with 10 Black high school students from every corner of the US about how issues of race and racism should be handled in schools. The series features videos of recorded conversations where students tell educators what they need in schools,… Read More ›

From the Pueblo to College: The Journey of Two Rural Students

This series of three videos documents the personal and academic stories of two students from the Pueblo of Jemez in New Mexico. Temeya Gachupin from Walatowa High Charter School, run by the Pueblo of Jemez, and Justin Madalena from Jemez Valley High School, a traditional district school, discuss the challenges they faced in high school… Read More ›

Work-Based Learning: A Systemic Approach

This video, and the accompanying article, introduce the work-based learning taking place in the East Side Union High School District in San Jose, CA. Over the past five years, this district has implemented Linked Learning Pathways that combine rigorous academics with engaging technical and career-based education. The video provides a real-world look at the work-based learning students… Read More ›

Differentiating Instruction: How to Plan Your Lessons

 In this video instructional expert Larry Ferlazzo and veteran teacher Katie Hull Sypnieski talk through the kinds of questions they ask themselves when planning a lesson for a multi-ability classroom. They answer teachers most common questions, such as “What will students do if they finish early?” and “How can the materials be modified to… Read More ›

Scaffolding Discussion Skills With a Socratic Circle

 This video includes footage of students engaging in deep dialogue with the help of scaffolding to help support learning. It also features conversation with education experts. This video will be of interest to educators of any subject. It is the first in what will be a bigger series of 20 plus videos in the How… Read More ›

The Better Math Teaching Network

The Better Math Teaching Network is a group of  researchers and practitioners looking to transform high school math instruction to become more student-centered. The network is committed to changing math instruction and professional development for math teachers. For a glimpse of the network in action, this article in MindShift discusses how algebra teachers in the network are using improvement… Read More ›

Improving Teaching With Expert Feedback—From Students

This article, part of the Schools That Work series by Edutopia, describes the approach a physics teacher at Trinidad Garza Early College High School took to improve his instruction. He found, through surveys, that letting students voice their opinions on how they learn best was the key to changing his teaching practices and improving students’ understanding.… Read More ›

Cult of Pedagogy

This website, created by an ELA teacher and pre-service professor, is dedicated to creating a community of teachers to support each others efforts to improve practice. It features a blog, podcast, videos, and online pd. The blog, which is the main focus of the site, can be searched by topic area or explored through three sections:… Read More ›

Lessons from Teachers of the Year

This vast list of videos showcases lessons from teachers across the country. The ‘Lessons from Teachers of the Year’ series is a partnership between Google for Education and CCSSO that aims to elevate the teaching profession and capture the thinking of some of the United States’ best educators. These videos were designed to help fellow… Read More ›